Petroleum & Gas Tanker Drivers Safety Training


In this present-day Nigeria with rampant Tanker accidents on our roads and facilities, with most of these accidents caused by drivers’ attitude/error. This can be reduced or avoided through our (PTDST) Petroleum Tanker Driver Safety Training.

Petroleum Tanker Driver Safety Training is a private initiative developed by a team of well experienced professionals with decent amount of local and international knowledge in Health Safety and Environment. Taking a cue from various “Safe Drive Projects for Petroleum Tanker Drivers in the developed and developing countries across the world.

Professional petroleum tanker drivers perform potentially hazardous and important function in the distribution of petroleum products. As such it is critical that their training and expertise is sufficient to ensure that safety is never compromised with respect to life, property, and our fragile environment.

Our plan is to deliver this program to all individual and company owned tanker drivers. This program is electronic (e-Learning) or classroom based, for ease of nationwide development and can be done with any smartphone, tablet or computer. The course manual can also be converted to Pidgin English if required. The training cost is very affordable and revenue can be shared with the union/association (revenue generation). Each successfully trained driver will be issued a card that the union can enforce or check at different points.

The program is designed to assist them in learning about the industry and their duties, we have partnered with world renowned petroleum industry experts in conjunction with various petroleum carriers, to produce this program to acquaint drivers with safe product handling practices. This contains information and guidelines that are standard throughout the industry. It represents the minimum level of professional knowledge and understanding that is required to safely deliver products to all of our customers.

This is been developed into an Android and IOS App as well as eLearning for ease of deployment to all tanker drivers nationwide.

The manual is split into Two Parts.

Part One of the manual covers items that every petroleum driver should know including information on various petroleum products, their characteristics and hazards, how to prepare for driving your petroleum truck, how to handle emergencies and general loading and unloading procedures.

Part Two reviews the loading and unloading procedures for the specific products or situations that you may be handling.

The course will be reviewed and updated from time to time to ensure that it reflects current industry and regulatory requirements.

Training Overview

In order to promote a positive safety standard and professional image for industry drivers, Safety Centre has developed a Driver Certification Program. This program is available to train bulk petroleum drivers in the proper procedures for loading and delivering products.

Successful candidates will receive a Safety Centre/Safe Drive certificate

The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills, attitude and knowledge as detailed above.