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RCL Safety Centre is dedicated to Industrial and Hazardous Safety Training and Services to the Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Marine Industries and Construction Industries

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Safety Signs from Safety Centre

Safety signs are signs referring to a specific object, activity or situation and providing information or instructions about safety, health, or both, at work by means of a signboard, a color, an illuminated sign, an acoustic signal, a verbal communication or a hand signal. Safety Centre is glad to offer you "ready to use" Safety Signs or bespoke designs to suit your needs.

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Check out our new State-of-the-Art fire equipment.

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Our team is made up of well experienced and certified trainers with a wealth of international exposure. Whether you require training, supervision, our management we will work with your team to determine the best course of action and execute accordingly.

Our confined space training gives practical information on how rescue workers can move in and out of confined spaces which is an enclosed or restriced area that presents a risk for health and safety of anyone who enters.

Our Centre provides Basic Medical Check facility to ensure every candidate is fit for any rigorous training as well as in-house canteen and cleaning rooms for maximum convinience and quick first-aid response in case of accidents.